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Design Driven Ventures is a business design firm based in Kenya and Germany. We design digital products and growth campaigns for SME, startups and international organizations in African markets.

We design and test digital products in Africa

Our background in user-centered design allows us to support your business objectives with digital product design and development. This comes with extensive user research to identify tangible value propositions as a critical driver for customer and user acquisition.

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We run Africa-wide digital growth campaigns

We develop localized strategies to grow your user base, audience, sales, or impact in African markets. Through a series of data-driven experiments, we design and test effective marketing channels, growth hacks and customer engagement channels.

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We enable one-stop partnerships with Africa’s tech ecosystems

Our legal entities in Africa and Europe provide our clients with one-stop access to the African tech ecosystem. This enables explorative projects and partnerships between both parts of the world without red-tape limitations.

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We make digital growth skills accessible

We develop toolkits for digital marketing, product design and business support to make professional resources more affordable and accessible for a larger number of emerging businesses and startups in Africa. Toolkits can also be an effective way for your brand to engage with a new audience by providing helpful content.

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Paul Roeder

Paul has been active in the design space for almost a decade and studied Interface Design in Potsdam, Germany. He designed websites and apps for various startups, SMEs and major corporations in Germany.

Through a design residency at an international tech hub in Shenzhen, China, he became interested in the impact of design and technology in emerging markets. After building a cloud platform for agribusinesses in Africa at InspiraFarms, he started Design Driven Ventures to focus his passion for product design, business, and market research on exciting challenges ahead.

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