Design Driven Ventures is a Business Design company specialized in prototyping, building and growing digital platforms in Africa.

As we learn from our projects, we also develop an evolving toolkit of localized design methods. This helps our clients and us to build lean prototypes, inform decision making, and ultimately unlock value for businesses and consumers.

Design Toolkit

We research trends, design methods and platform innovation in emerging markets and transform our findings into actionable tools.

Design Toolkit

User Acquisition

We help brands scale their products, services and platforms in Africa through design-driven growth experiments, partnerships and technologies.

Product Design

We design digital products, platforms and apps using user-centered design and in alignment with business objectives.


Along with client projects, we invest our resources in in-house ventures that leverage our design-driven approach.

Paul Roeder

Paul has been active in the design space for almost a decade and studied Interface Design in Potsdam, Germany. He designed websites and apps for various startups, SMEs and major corporations in Germany. Through a design research residency in Shenzhen, China, he became interested in the impact of design and technology in emerging markets and Africa. After building a cloud platform for agribusinesses in Africa at InspiraFarms, he started Design Driven Ventures to focus his passion for product design, business, and market research on exiting challenges ahead.


Nairobi, Kenya

Munich area, Germany

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We are actively looking for:

  • Startups and organizations active or interested in entering the African tech ecosystem
  • African partners with technologies or solutions that help our clients grow their business
  • Companies incl. SME that want to transform into a digital business model