Lead Generation in Kenya

Through our ventures in Kenya 🇰🇪 we’ve learned that effective lead generation is key – but also complex and time-consuming.

Our “Lead Generation as a Service” model allows businesses, startups, and international organizations to extend their internal capacity with the resources needed to reach the right audience in Kenya.

Since there is no universal, one-size-fits-all solution, we conduct a series of experiments to develop a well-informed strategy for every client, project and target group.

Social Media Advertising

We develop a custom social media advertising strategy. Depending on the target group, we will use either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

We will design and improve ads until the click-through rate is above the platform-specific average (e.g. Facebook 0.90%)

During the experiment, we will generate a minimum of 350 visitors to your website.

Offline Channels

Because some audiences are difficult to address via online channels, we offer offline distribution of leaflets or custom merchandise.

We will determine locations such as shopping malls, universities or events specific to your target group. We take care of the full experiment, incl. permissions, design and production of materials.

We guarantee that everyone involved will be well compensated for their work.

Influencer Partnerships

We will develop an influencer marketing strategy depending on your industry, domain and target group.

Influencer marketing allows you to be directly exposed to specific target groups and high-value audiences.

Influencers can be local personalities, niche media outlets (e.g. farmer news websites), industry associations, events etc.

The influencers’ performance is measured by links that track every visitor and source.

Organic Communities

Our local staff will identify local WhatsApp and Facebook Groups and place your message organically.

Lead sources will be transparent through tracking links


Development of a custom lead generation channel

Depending on your target group and industry, we will select two of the approaches listed above and customize them through a series of real-life experiments in Kenya.

Once the pre-defined milestones are reached, we will provide a report of the experiment’s outcomes to inform your strategy or optionally set up a long-term lead generation service.

from 1,900 Euro + VAT

+ Long-term Service (optional)

If you wish to continue your developed lead acquisition channels beyond the initial experiments, we are happy to maintain them for you at a fraction of the initial costs.

The monthly pricing depends on your individual expectations of how many leads you want to channel to your sites.

from 150 Euro per month + VAT

Additional Services

User-Tested Landing Pages

Landing pages are websites where the generated leads are routed to before engaging with you. If you don’t have a Kenya-optimized page yet or need to update your existing one, we are happy to support you.

Depending on your brand and budget, we can either design a compact page or develop a sophisticated page with professional designers.

We prefer to build your site in Webflow, since this tool allows rapid changes and saves the cost for custom code development.

As we run the initial lead generations experiments, we will make or recommend design decisions if the landing page does not convert incoming visitors into engaging leads.

Regardless of your budget, we will user test every landing page with at least 5 people from your target group. That’s the rule of thumb to identify about 80% of the pages’ obstacles.

WhatsApp Engagement

In Kenya, we very successfully used WhatsApp as a lead engagement channel between your landing page and your staff. Compared to rather formal modes of communication such as email, phone calls or browser-based chats, WhatsApp is a low-barrier method to directly engage with clients.

This method is especially recommended for product development projects since incoming leads can be easily interviewed about their intentions and needs.

For brands and landing pages that receive a higher number of incoming requests, we are able to set up a web-based chat interface that allows multiple agents to monitor a single phone number. Thanks to our WhatsApp-licensed technology partner GupShub, we can also develop chatbots that follow up with incoming requests immediately.

Optionally, we can also deploy local staff that will monitor your incoming requests and pre-qualify the leads your team should follow up with.